Re•demp•tion Ronit Joy Holtz

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Re•demp•tion Ronit Joy Holtz

Open 10:00 – 18:00 Sunday to Thursday

Upholding The Remembrance of a Homeland & Her People

As a young Jewish, Israeli artist studying in America, I deem that the duty I possess is one of integrity and certainty. I made Aliyah alongside my parents and four siblings back in 2007. I was very young, but I knew in my spirit that I was doing something that was greater than I could grasp. Currently, these past two years I have been working to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Since the beginning of this year, my studio practice has rotated around the political, cultural and religious topics of Israel.

Independently I took on the burden to artistically display what this Jewish nation experiences. My heart was heavy for Israel and her people when I would be sitting in my living room in America, seeing innocent lives being taken by terror. My heart physically felt a dense weight and every day I yearned to return home. With that sorrow, I took the pain of the Jewish hearts and said I would devote all my artistic labor to the land of Israel. This was my calling and this is my mission. Many of the students at my college have either never met somebody from Israel, are uninformed of what goes on in this country, or are anti-Israel and persuaded by bias broadcasting. When people question me, asking why I paint concerning my country’s former times, I say that Israel and the Jewish people of today survive because of their narration, so I illustrate that through the promises of the God of Israel, we have overcome. It is by our testimony that we are here today. Thus, this exhibition at the Farkash Gallery is so dear to me. My art has immigrated home and is now on display, carrying the candles of remembrance.

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