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“Holy Hazkel” Homage to Hazkel Ish Kassit חצקל איש כסית


Dimensions 250 × 130 cm



Very Good



“Holy Hazkel” Homage to Hazkel Man of Kassit חצקל איש כסית

Iconic painting and one of the most important works by the artist Yigal Tumarkin in the history of Tel Aviv and Israeli art in general

This work was hanging on the mythological Kassit coffee in Tel Aviv

Exhubition: Eretz Israel Museum 2007 “Cafes in Tel Aviv”

Igael Tumarkin (23 October 1933 – 12 August 2021) was an Israeli painter and sculptor.

Café Kassit

The cafe was first established in 1935 by Ezekiel Weinstein (later known as Hazkel Ish Kasit), Yuva Goldberg and Ilona Mordechowitz. His famous envoys include Natan Alterman, Avraham Shlonsky, Yabi, Uri Lifshitz, Shmulik Krauss, Leah Goldberg, Chaim Guri, Moshe Shamir, Natan Zach, Hannah Rubina, Alexander Penn, Yosef Zaritzky, Moshe Bernstein, Avot Yeshurun, Zeev Yosifon, Binyamin Gon, Hanna Maron and Yaakov Rechter, the Lul group (led by Uri Zohar and Arik Einstein) and “Huna” with the biggest shoes. In the 1950s, there was a special wing reserved for members of the “Parliament of Kassit”. This is what Gabriel Moked says:


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