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My light boxes are arriving in the Far East for the first time.

I am excited by the unknown, just as the characters in my work felt when they were on their way to the port in Jaffa… people from Europe sailing East.  I describe them as they sail the sea, trying to imagine the aromas, the sounds of language and the colour of the light, the sky, the waves breaking against the shore and the costumes of the people of Jaffa.

The freedom to let go

I am repeating this exhibition but in a new place… and this brings me to another personal inward reflection; an understanding and need to synchronise with the world, by letting it examine me unhindered.  It appears in the correct light and true transmission.

The characters are partly from my close circle and partly they are acquaintances who became a part of my life.  Sometimes we met fleetingly and sometimes we travelled together on longer journeys.  Sometimes I knew them but they didn’t know me; others were close to me and part of my day to day life, so that the interactions between us have become a part of my consciousness… and they are here with me in this exhibition.

It seems that every encounter with an audience creates an outpouring of renewed conversation between me and my work and between me and the visitors to the exhibition.  I come with open arms to offer the range of feelings and meet new eyes.  I am ready to let it touch me and you.

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