Politically Correct – The Fantasy Land of Aharon Farkash

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Politically Correct

2016-2017 Series Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

The Farkash Gallery is proud to present new works from Aharon Farkash which will be exhibited at the New York ArtExpo at Pier 94, from April 21st to April 24th


Ever since I can remember myself they would say to me “speak clearly, no one can understand you, you’re not articulating yourself correctly, your sentences are mixed up, etc”. And so I grew up feeling that no one understands me and no one knows what goes on in my head.Fantasies, feelings, thoughts and then I stopped explaining for many years.After I got older, they all asked me “Why are you so silent all the time? We don’t understand you. You don’t explain what you’re going through, we’re worried about you. So I started explaining since I didn’t have a choice because I wanted to flirt with girls and again they told me we don’t understand you and you didn’t explain correctly and try to explain again… Then I got better and formulated my sentences differently and tried harder. I sharpened and explained myself and again they continued to tell me. “You don’t understand, we don’t understand you, you don’t know how to explain”, and when things got complicated, they would come to me with complaints. “Why didn’t you say so earlier? Why didn’t you explain? Why didn’t you warn us?” And I screamed back at the top of my lungs “But I did say so!”

One day I met Roi and Gil my friends and I asked them, “Do you understand me?” And they said “Of course we understand you and we understand every word you say, you’re crystal clear” You are “loud and clear”.
So I asked them why people keep telling me they did not understand me and they laughed and said “Listen, my friend when you speak, you speak directly, too direct, you speak into their ear with a megaphone, And they don’t understand because they don’t want to understand and they’re not listening since they don’t like what they’re hearing. You’re like their mirror”. Then, other friends came along and asked me to be politically correct because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to move forward in life and it would cause me harm because “nobody understands you”. So, in honor of all my acquaintances, my foes and friends, I put down on canvas everything I have in my head because “good eyes are better than ears”. Just don’t say “I didn’t understand”.
So I’m not politically correct.

I don’t want you to be contented because you’re uncomfortable hearing and listening. And if you’re not happy to hear, I invite you to look at the exhibition, to observe and internalize and try to enter the fantasy world of Aharon Farkash And it doesn’t really matter to me if you understand or not, just don’t say that I didn’t say so.

You have been warned.