LOT number: 201700000420

The Last Supper


Dimensions 80 × 14 × 305 cm








Title: The Last Supper
Technique: Acrylic painting on poplar wood, print on plexiglass and LED lighting
Size: 305 X 80 X 14 cm
Catalog Number: 151
The Last Supper? 12 figures painted on plywood and illuminated in a box filled with light – each figure has a personal and private story of their own but what is the common agenda of the day?

A group of young people enter a restaurant. They order, and immediately begin engaging with their mobile phones. The food arrives. Each person begins photographing their meal. The photographs are uploaded to social media with a specific text and headline… all of life and its experiences are staged and scripted. With the first bite, the comments begin to arrive “like or “dislike” and what about the young people in the group? They look on, into their phones ravenous for the abundance of reactions to their upload. Everyone has something to say. All of the opinions are strong ones, accompanied by judgment and a public hanging in the Facebook public square

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