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Maternity, Original lithograph by Pablo Picasso


Dimensions 64.8 × 62.9 cm



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Pablo Picasso original lithograph 1963. Signature and date on the plate in the upper left: 29.4.63 | Picasso.

A mother gazes down lovingly at her young child cradled in her arms in Pablo Picasso Grande Maternité (Grand Maternity), 1963. Rendered in simple sweeping black lines, the soft body of the woman and child perfectly represent the sweet love that is directed between the two. Much of the lithograph is devoid of color – expect the flowers crowning the head of the woman. A delicate green frond twists its way through her hair with tiny pink and blue flowers. Behind her head the background bursts with greenery – marking her as full of life. Though her face is simply lines, Picasso manages to depict an immense amount of emotion. This is the genius of Picasso – with relative simplicity, Picasso manages to extract waves of feeling. This is most certainly true of Picasso Grande Maternité, and one cannot help but be drawn into the comforting and loving scene as well.

Created in 1963 after a colored pencil drawing Maternité, this color lithograph is signed in plate by Pablo Picasso (Malaga, 1881 – Mougins, 1973)  Published by Editions Combat de la Paix, Paris. Signature and date on the plate in the upper left: 29.4.63 | Picasso.



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