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Ariela Wertheimer and Carole A.Feuerman’s opening reception in New York

The Farkash Gallery is host to a pop exhibition in NYC presenting works by Ariela Wertheimer and Carole A.Feuerman. When women support each other, incredible things happen.

The Farkash Gallery, in Partnership with Chashama Foundation Presents artists: ARIELA WERTHEIMER AND CAROLE A. FEUERMAN: When women support each other, incredible things happen. 

The Carole and Ariela met serendipitously one year ago in Venice at the international art festival, La Biennale di Venezia and decided to present a show together- and so they made it happen! The Farkash Gallery was thrilled to host two formidable female artists in a celebration of their work supporting female empowerment, in New York City on May 17th. The exhibit remains open until June 7th and will host a number of exclusive events inviting the artists to talk in person about their work and the themes that the pieces relate to. 
I am very excited to be co-exhibiting with a fellow artist who is inspired by women and their personal experiences and stories,” says artist, Ariela Wertheimer. “My artworks give expression to many issues such as homosexuality, domestic violence, sexual abuse, body image issues, and so forth. Through my work I show that a person has the right to decide how he or she is coping with his or her difficulty, and whether they decide to develop and grow from the difficulty into a strength, embracing the “bars”, or remain in the same place. Within us is the power to allow ourselves to make a change in the space we have in our lives.”  

Chashama, a non-profit organisation supports artists by giving them space to create and present their work, while fostering community development through the arts.